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Pharma has to ensure that its reference safety information is always available and easily accessible for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients.

emc regulatory enables regulatory, medical information and pharmacovigilance teams to publish their medicines information on emc. By providing their product information in an engaging and accessible format, Pharma can maintain compliance, enhance the credibility and trustworthiness of their products, and improve patient safety.


Reach HCPs and patients

With over 55m visitors annually, emc is used by HCPs daily as their trusted source of medicine information. Publishing on emc enables you to reach this huge audience.

Integration with third party platforms

Data held on emc is used in clinical IT and decision support systems throughout the NHS, as well as by medicine information providers such as MIMS and BNF.

Provide information in a range of document types and formats

emc supports medicine regulatory documents such as SmPCs, PILs, RMMs and DHPCs. It also supports a range of formats, such as ePIL, video, braille, larger print and safety alerts.

Save time & costs

Publishing your medicine information on emc significantly decreases internal costs, such as hosting and maintaining the website, distribution of medicine information and reducing the volume of calls to your medical information team.

Compliance support

Remove the burden which comes with tracking your activity to remain compliant in audits and inspections - receive a full audit report to ensure you are fully inspection-ready.

Version and quality control

Be in control of your own information, and decide what to publish and when. This follows a safe and efficient publishing process which is supported by our Quality Control team.

How emc regulatory supports Pharma

An intuitive submission platform to simplify your internal processes

Research shows that HCPs trust an unbiased source of information over commercial channels. To ensure that your medicine safety information is made available to as many HCPs and patients as possible, it is essential to publish this on a renowned and trusted platform.

emc is an open-access website for UK HCPs and patients; because all content has been approved by a medicine regulator, they can rely on its quality. Using emc regulatory's publishing platform, you can efficiently manage and submit your medicine safety information on emc in a range of formats, and with a quick turnaround from our dedicated Quality Control (QC) team.

An accessibility service for delivering your medicine safety information

For Pharma companies to comply with the law, patient information must be available on request in accessible formats such as braille, large print, audio and video.

emc regulatory covers the distribution of your Patient Information Leaflet in all these accessible formats. It not only ensures that Pharma fulfils regulatory requirements, but also shows due care to look after and engage with your end users.

emc also has full support for ePILs (electronic Patient Information Leaflets). This digital format greatly improves accessibility on a range of devices, making it easier to navigate, read and engage with. 

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Making medicines information more engaging: a first look at the new emc website

A guided walkthrough of the new features and functionality available to users of emc. You will also get to learn about emc's role in improving patient outcomes. 

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We pride ourselves on supporting customers throughout their digital journeys.

Whenever you take on a new solution with us, we will support your team right from the beginning. Our Customer Success team will provide you with personalised training and support to any new users who need familiarising with the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Four separate and specific kinds of procurement teams buy NHS medicines:

  • CMU (Commercial Medicines Unit) - secondary care
  • NHS Trusts
  • ICSs (formerly CCGs) - formulary to primary care
  • Home care

They will use emc to check the SmPC, while also gaining trust in the supplier through seeing them on an established and reputable source.

Upon submitting a new PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) through our publishing platform, there is an option to convert the document to XML format: ePIL. The conversion is included within the emc regulatory solution and ensures the PIL is available in suitable formats for partially-sighted or blind people, including Braille and large print.

Through its accessibility feature, emc regulatory will help you to comply with UK law and guidance from the regulator - this requires Pharma companies to make their patient leaflet available on request in suitable formats for partially-sighted or blind people.

The accessibility feature of emc regulatory enables your PILs to be accessible in various formats: ePIL through the emc website, large print, Braille, audio CD and through our telephone line.

For those working with product information in the dm+d through emc market access, products within the browser component link back to emc. This means teams such as market access can easily check the SmPC if needed.

emc regulatory provides an easy-to-use, intuitive publishing platform that enables pharma to upload their documents. Once information is submitted, you can track the status and progress within our Quality Control systems.

emc is reliable and is supported year-round to ensure the website remains available. It has an industry-leading uptime (the proportion of time the website remains available) record of 99.98%.

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Making medicines information more engaging: a first look at the new emc website

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