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Medicines information is subject to daily changes and keeping up to date with these changes is vital for patient safety across the life sciences and healthcare industries. This can prove challenging to any organisation with an interest in the changing face of medicines information, such as HCPs, Data Providers and Pharma.

emc market intelligence supports a variety of organisations; it helps with accessing and understanding medicine safety information, as well as gaining insight on how HCPs are engaging with it.


emc market intelligence for Pharma


Access the most comprehensive and widely-used UK medicines information database

emc has over 12,000 drug safety documents direct from Pharma. Access is quick and simple, with information held in user-friendly digital formats.

Regulator approved content

All medicine safety documents published on emc are pre-approved by the industry regulators, MHRA and EMA.

Multiple access points

Access data held on emc through multiple digital locations. This includes website access, API access, bespoke email reports and an analytics platform for users to consume and engage with emc content.

The latest information

When there is new information about a medicine, Pharma are required to update their safety information on emc in a timely manner, as soon as it is approved by the regulator.

Track medicine change information

Receive reports on medicine information changes you want to track, such as specific active ingredients.

Product engagement reporting

Gain insights into the effectiveness of your safety materials through reporting and analytics - understand your audience through insights and trends, and gather data on new or mature products.

How emc market intelligence supports Pharma

Access healthcare's trusted source of accurate and up-to-date medicine information, emc

HCPs continue to go back to their most trusted source of medicines information, emc, which hosts over 9,000 medicines from over 320 Pharma companies.

For Pharma, emc's SmPC, ePIL and PIL content provides intelligence from medicines already available on the UK market. 

With emc market intelligence, you can also use our RESTful API to automate access and updates from the emc and dm+d databases or schedule delivery of data extracts in line with your requirements.

Analytics and reporting platform

Our easy-to-use reporting software gives you visibility on how users are interacting with your product pages on emc. 

It allows you to create reports on a single product or product group. The reporting allows you to find out about your audience demographic, traffic to your product pages and look at trends over time.

SmPC change report

The emc change report, received directly to your inbox, can keep you up-to-date with the UK market and its ever-changing medicine safety information.

The report details all SmPC changes, including new products, clinically significant changes and more, on the emc website over a previous period.

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Day in the Life of a Pharma professional: Medicine information changes

As a professional in the Pharma industry, how you work with medicine information will depend on your role and, at times, the dynamic within your team. 

Find out about the roles of scientific professionals within the fields of Medical Information, Regulatory and IT, and learn about how they work with medicine information changes.  


Frequently Asked Questions

emc intelligence was a previous feature, also provided by Datapharm, which provides a part of the fully featured emc market intelligence solution. It is the part which provides access to the latest medicine information published in the UK. 

Yes. We are continuing to listen to our customers so that we can provide them with greater value out of their product engagement data. Our team is working very hard to add more features throughout the year.

SmPC and PIL changes can be tracked as far back as the publish date for the first document version on emc.

Part of the emc market intelligence offering gives organisations the ability to access, license and integrate content from the emc and dm+d drug databases.

We can provide access to all parts of these drug databases in a variety of formats to best suit your requirements.

To obtain full access to emc, a subscription may be required. If you would like to obtain all the benefits of emc market intelligence, please contact us.  

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