How we meet the needs of Pharma sales & marketing

We are passionate about reducing risk for Pharma sales & marketing teams.

We continually speak with our customers and understand the factors which impact these teams at work. Through careful consideration of their challenges when working with medicines information, we have built solutions to help ensure they remain compliant.

Automate how you link to your prescribing information

When product information changes, the manual task of updating your promotional materials becomes time-intensive and increases risk.

Our Pharma-trusted application helps you meet your code requirements (including the ABPI) with a single click to your prescribing information from within your digital content. Just as importantly, it ensures that when you refer to your product information, what you provide is accurate and up-to-date.

Engage effectively with HCPs

Following a global pandemic, the way in which customer-facing teams interact with HCPs has become more complex.

We ensure that our hybrid working solutions support how you interact with HCPs while maintaining compliance, whether you are on desktop, tablet or mobile. Our emc compliance solution supports you with keeping your product information up-to-date and placing it within a single source of truth.

Analyse product launch engagement

Getting the latest data around patient and HCP engagement (such as prescribing data), especially at the time of new product launches, is hard to come by. Moreover, holding this insight is key to understanding your new product at launch.

However, due to the time lag experienced with most sources of data, this is difficult to obtain without the appropriate expertise behind a trusted, comprehensive source of information.

Our emc market intelligence solution gives you access to audience insights to support your campaign’s success. With the analytics platform, you can gain insight into how your audience engages with your medicines and monitor trends over a set period of time.

Keep track of product changes and trends

Pharmaceuticals is a constantly changing market with guidance, regulations and clinical evidence often impacting product information. 

Obtaining market intelligence can support you with valuable insights on these trends prior to product launches, whether your product is a new launch or an established medicine, wherever you are in the world.

Using our expertise in information-update reporting and software for pharma, the emc market intelligence solution helps you gather valuable intelligence for your commercial decisions.

The distribution of your product information through emc

Helping you reach prescribers

As a Pharma company, publishing your product information on emc and the dm+d database while keeping it up-to-date is essential to having your medicines prescribed to patients.

Validation from HCPs confirms the pivotal role of our platforms during the prescribing and decision-making processes, thus making it an essential part of any successful product launch campaign for Pharma.

Furthermore, Datapharm drives the digital distribution and integration into Clinical Decision Support Systems of emc-published SmPCs and PILs, so that HCPs can safely and effectively deliver patient care.

Our solutions for Pharma sales & marketing teams

emc regulatory

Our regulatory solution equips you with the essentials for providing your product safety information to patients in whichever format they require.


emc compliance

Our compliance solution enables Pharma Sales & Marketing teams, as well as Regulatory, to stay compliant by seamlessly ensuring that their content provides up-to-date and accurate product information.

emc market intelligence

It is not always clear to Sales & Marketing teams how HCPs engage with relevant product information. Our expertise in data analysis and medicines information means we are well-placed to support Pharma with this increasingly relevant need.

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