Our innovative solution for medical information teams to make scientific response documents (SRDs) digitally available on emc. It ensures swift retrieval of only relevant search results, empowering healthcare professionals with timely, specific information to support their patient treatment.

Integration of this functionality on emc streamlines the communication between medical information teams and healthcare professionals. It also equips medical information practitioners with the KPIs to evaluate performance and improve the overall quality of healthcare services.

An innovative new way for medical teams to engage with HCPs

In a profession where time is increasingly stretched, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) rely heavily on search engines for medical information, with 79% using them for scientific content discovery.

HCPs prefer on-demand, easily downloadable content (93%) and value independent channels over pharma ones (82%).

Despite dedicated services from pharma Medical Information (MI) teams, their online presence is limited and highlights the importance of independent, general medical websites for HCPs.

Developed with MILE and regulatory and compliance teams at top 20 pharma

The SRD service on emc is the result of an innovative cross-industry collaboration that brought together four major pharmaceutical companies, as well as Datapharm, Original Digital and MILE, all working together to trial a new service for UK Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).

Adherence to UK codes and regulations was a crucial aspect of the pilot for this service. To ensure compliance, Datapharm and MILE engaged with the MHRA, the UK regulator, to clarify their stance on the pilot concept.


Relevant responses to HCP queries

Provide the appropriate response document and supporting evidence to HCPs, addressing only the question being asked

Your SRDs on the trusted emc

All your SRD documents are accessible 24/7 to HCPs through emc, a trusted daily resource for healthcare professionals, which is the first choice for medicines information for 81% of HCPs*

Trackable KPIs

Easily track the volume of enquiries and other KPIs to share with senior leadership to help communicate the value of Medical Information

Identify key search terms

By understanding the specific terms or queries used by healthcare professionals, your teams can tailor their scientific response documents to address these exact needs

Low burden, high compliance

End-to-end integration from your content management system to emc, meaning HCPs only access up-to-date medicines information

Improve timeliness and trustworthiness

Foster reliability, enhance efficiency, and elevate your Medical Information practices

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