emc Pi Portal

A new solution for automating your compliance

All promotional materials for medicines require the latest Prescribing Information but, with constant changes to one’s regulated safety information, it is labour intensive to keep this information up-to-date.

emc pi portal is a digital solution for pharmaceutical companies that satisfies the regulatory requirements to provide a ‘one-click’ link to digital prescribing information.

One Click Link

One-click link

Compliance and Quality Certainty

Compliance and
quality certainty

Teal-time updates

Real-time updates

Labour / Cost Saving

cost saving

Single Approval

Single approval

As an extension of emc, it carries the trust and compliance associated with the UK’s leading medicines information website.

Ensure Compliance

emc pi portal will provide a one-click link that you can display in your digital promotion. The destination page will contain all that is required for compliance: a full Summary of Product Characteristics, the legal category, the cost and prominent adverse event reporting information.

Simplify and automate your processes

The emc pi portal will remove the process of having to withdraw digital prescribing information every time SmPC is updated as well as avoiding administrative burden of updating. As the SmPC displayed on emc pi portal has already been approved (both internally and by the regulator) it will not need further approval.

Reduce cost and time

SmPC updates are delivered to the portal as soon as they are updated on emc, ensuring your digital prescribing information is always up to date. This will reduce the effort required to create digital PI and removes the need to create bespoke PI micro-sites.


What is emc pi portal?

emc pi portal is a service from Datapharm, publishers of emc, to provide pharmaceutical companies with a simple to use portal to satisfy their digital prescribing information needs.

How do I access emc pi portal?

emc pi portal is available to existing customers of emc. Contact [email protected] for more information on how you can simplify and automate your digital prescribing information processes.

How does emc pi portal work?

emc pi portal consists of two websites, the submission site and the HCP site.

You can use the submission site to create you digital prescribing information. Through our platform, you can easily create the Adverse Event reporting text and your product PI and be able to: give the PI a title, assign an SmPC already published on emc and add the price.

The HCP site is the destination site that will only be viewed by HCPs who follow the link from your digital promotional material.

How do I create a digital pi on emc pi portal?

When you create prescribing information in the submission site, it will display a unique URL for the product information.

Add this to your digital promotional material or you can create your own branded link using a redirect service.

Do I need to update my prescribing information if the SmPC changes?

emc pi portal will always use the most recent version of the SmPC that is available on emc.

If an updated SmPC is published on emc, then it will automatically display within emc pi portal.

This saves time and resources that would be required to update separate digital prescribing information.

How long does it take to publish prescribing information?

Newly created or updated prescribing information will be available on the consumer site within a few minutes of it being published through the submission site.


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