Datapharm runs emc (electronic medicines compendium), the UK’s leading provider of trusted medical information, and provides regulatory and compliance software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

We work in partnership with, and to meet the needs of:

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Datapharm’s suite of software products provide Pharma with regulatory and compliance solutions and enable the distribution of medicine information via emc.

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Professionals

emc is THE resource trusted by medical professionals to provide comprehensive, up-to-date, regulated medical information.

Patients and Carers

and Carers

With the most comprehensive and accessible patient information in the UK, the emc is the go-to destination for medical information.

Database and App Providers

Database and
App Providers

Datapharm provides flexible and easy access to vast medicine databases that are used by system providers, app developers and research agencies across the globe.

Our Products


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