emc icomply

A digital compliance tool for customer facing teams

To meet regulatory requirements on the MHRA Blue Guide and ABPI Code of Practice, customer facing teams are required to have access to the most up-to-date versions of the SmPCs for each product they promote when meeting healthcare professionals.

With many SmPC changes or updates every year, the challenge is to make sure all your client facing staff have access to the most up-to-date documents they have received the training for. This means thousands of interactions and verifications can take place every year, creating a risk for your company’s compliance and reputation.

emc icomply is an online/offline salesforce app, with a full reporting and management system that allows your sales reps to demonstrate compliance in providing the latest SmPC during meetings.

emc icomply features

Up-to-date SmPCs or PI’s

Up-to-date SmPCs or Prescribing Information

Online and offline access

Online and
offline access

Multi-platform capabilities


Highly centralised control

Highly centralised

Audot ready reporting suite

Audit ready
reporting suite

Digital strategy

emc icomply helps pharma with their digital transformation as you will no longer have to worry about printed copies of SmPCs, which can easily be out of date.

How can emc icomply help your company?

Real-time updates

Wherever and whenever your customer facing teams need it, your Reference Safety Information is there and up-to-date. SmPC updates are delivered to the user’s device within minutes of ‘going live’ on emc website.

Centralised access

The management system removes the administrative burden of ensuring compliance from representatives and provides the administrator with an easy to use interface to manage portfolios and monitor usage.

Compliance measuring

emc icomply has a reporting suite that can be used for internal and external audits, including: full traceability of individual user’s actions, receipt of document updates, SmPC views, emailing SmPCs, identify non-compliance through use of out of date SmPC.


What is emc icomply?

emc icomply is a digital service from Datapharm, publishers of emc, that allows quick access to the SmPC on- and offline. One can also email a link to ensure the customer always has access to the latest version.

How does emc icomply work?

emc icomply consists of two elements: the emc icomply App and the Management System.

When the Regulatory team updates the SmPC on emc, the update is automatically sent to the emc icomply app. The sales representative is then notified that a new SmPC is available on the app.

All activities and actions performed by the sales reps are logged by the management system and the icomply administrator can run the audit reports.

How much training will the sales team need?

emc icomply has a very intuitive and friendly interface. Your customer facing team will be just required to download the app, available for free on both Apple and Android stores, and they are ready to go. New documents and updates will be automatically available on the reps’ devices.

Through the Management System, you will have complete flexibility to remotely manage your sales team and their SmPC portfolios.

Can we just use the SmPC published on emc when visiting customers?

While emc is a great resource that hosts product and safety information for more than 9,000 medicines, both that and other websites (corporate or microsites) do not work offline.

When meeting customers, your sales reps will be able to access SmPCs both online and offline by simply accessing the app. Every action on the app is logged in the management system so your Compliance team is able to provide reports for auditing purposes.

We use in-house cloud services. How can emc icomply improve our processes?

Some companies keep all their regulatory documents stored in their shared cloud. However, this works only when the sales rep device is connected to the internet. If a new document in not promptly added into the shared folder, the risk is to provide the customers with an outdated SmPC.
emc icomply gives the system administrator full control on which user can have access to each document, providing a complete overview on who viewed the available SmPCs and identifying potential non-compliance.

Can we have access to Prescribing Information offline?

The new emc icomply release is now integrated with emc pi portal: it means that when you create a new Prescribing Information for your medicine, the price and the adverse event text will be added to emc icomply as well.

Your sales rep will have access to an up-to-date Prescribing Information that can be available both online and offline.

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