emc icomply

emc icomply is the iPad App that gives pharmaceutical companies peace of mind by fulfilling the requirement that customer facing teams always have access to the most up-to-date versions of SmPCs when visiting healthcare professionals.

The Human Medicines Regulations 2012 states that “during each visit for promotional purposes the representative must give to, or have available for, each person visited a copy of the summary of the product characteristics for each product promoted.”

The MHRA Blue Guide states “…Representatives should, during each visit, give to all persons whom they visit, or have available to them at the time of the visit, the current SPC for each product which they promote at that visit. This is to enable the healthcare professional to check any statements made against the licensed product particulars covering the use of product. The SPC can be provided electronically”.

The ABPI Code of Practice follows – “Representatives must provide, or have available to provide if requested, a copy of the summary of product characteristics for each medicine which they are to promote… the requirement to provide a copy of the [SmPC] can be met by the provision of an electronic copy…”.

emc icomply provides offline access to a managed portfolio of documents with updates from emc being delivered to medical representatives within 2 minutes of being made available on emc. emc icomply also delivers a suite of reporting functions to help demonstrate compliance for audit and inspection purposes.

This end-to-end digital solution that can help reduce costs by removing the need to produce and manage the distribution of hard copy materials. The online management interface gives team leaders complete control over the system to manage users, specify portfolios on an individual or group basis, and access the reporting capability.

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