NHS Pharmacy First advanced service launches, Datapharm responds

Jan 31, 2024

Datapharm welcomes the launch of the NHS Pharmacy First advanced service, which enables pharmacists to assess and treat patients for common conditions without the need for a GP appointment or prescription.

Patients can now access treatment for seven common conditions at their high street pharmacy, without seeing a GP. More than nine in ten community pharmacies are now offering the service, a major step forward in the NHS’ efforts to improve patients’ access to primary care. The service is projected to save up to 10 million GP team appointments a year.

Conditions covered by this initiative include sinusitis, sore throat, earache, infected insect bite, impetigo, shingles, and uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women (under the age of 65). It also builds on the contraceptive pill service launched in December 2023, providing thousands of pharmacies with the ability to offer women oral contraception over the counter.

Rich Cooper, CEO of Datapharm, commented on the launch: “This new service will have a huge impact on the timely provision of care across the UK. Pharmacists are key users of emc and, as experts in medicines, are so crucial for helping patients make informed decisions about their health. With an increasing number of pharmacists now becoming prescribers, this move makes complete sense for improving patient outcomes.”

As the providers of emc, Datapharm continues to engage with and support pharmacists with up-to-date regulated medicine safety information which is made both accessible and engaging. Last year saw over 3,300 SmPCs updated and published on emc and over 40 million visits from the UK alone.

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