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Deliver accessible medicine information to HCPs and patients

One of pharma’s biggest challenge is to ensure all medicines safety information is available and easily accessible for healthcare professionals, carers and patients.
HCPs and patients are increasingly going online to access medicine information, so it is important to make sure the information provided is accurate and sourced directly from the manufacturer.

emc (electronic medicines compendium) is a digital platform that supports pharma in fulfilling their regulatory requirements to make their reference safety information as accessible as possible, enabling HCPs and patients to make informed decisions about medicines.

emc features

Support your compliance process

Support your
compliance process

Measure your audieance engagement

Measure your
audience engagement

Cost and time saving

Cost and
time saving

Control and audit friendly

Control and
audit friendly

Increase product awareness

product awareness

Over 70 million visitors per year

Pharma can engage with a vast audience who are actively seeking medicine information. emc is an open access website for HCPs and patients and because all content has been approved by a medicine regulator, they can rely on its quality.

How can emc help your company?

Compliance support

Ensures that your reference safety information is always available and accessible to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Cost and time saving

Publishing your safety information on emc decreases internal costs by significantly reducing the volume of calls to your Medical Information team.

Search optimised

Your medicine information on emc can appear on the first page of major search engines, ensuring that the right people easily find the safety documents they are looking for.


What is emc?

The electronic medicines compendium (emc) contains up-to-date, easily accessible information about medicines licensed for use in the UK.

emc has more than 16,000 documents, all of which have been checked and approved by either the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) or the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Who runs emc?

Datapharm Limited runs emc, the UK’s leading provider of trusted medical information, and provides regulatory, compliance and commercial software solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Datapharm works with pharmaceutical companies, the NHS, and other healthcare organisations to improve health literacy and decision making about medicines for patients, carers, healthcare professionals.

How publishing medicine information documents on emc can help my company?

With over 70 million visits to the website per year, emc allows you to expand the reach of your audience. emc is the trusted and accessible source of medical information for healthcare professionals and patients in the UK.

Your company and medicine information will be available 24/7, helping to reduce queries to your Medinfo teams.

Which documents can I upload on emc?

Through emc publisher, you can upload all your regulatory (MHRA or EMA) approved reference safety documents such as: Patient Information Leaflets, Summary of Product Characteristics, Risk Minimisation Materials, User manuals, Product Information, Direct Healthcare Professional Communications, stock and safety alerts. You can also submit videos, live chat and chatbots.

How can emc support my compliance team?

emc puts you in control of your own information, allowing you to decide what to publish and when, in a fully auditable process. You will also have the option to access a full set of data collected by our team, allowing you to have a strong understanding on how HCPs and patients digitally interact with your company.

Can I use emc as my own internal repository for my safety information?

Many of our members use emc as their organisation’s single source of truth as it hosts the latest version of regulatory approved SmPCs and PILs, as approved by regulators. This removes the need to store multiple copies of the documents on local file systems which leads to better version control. It also helps internal teams to monitor what is available to the general public.

To find out more on how emc can offer you a trusted product page for your regulated materials, contact our Client Services team today


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