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eMC Widget

emc widget offers a simple and hassle free way of ensuring that your product information on your corporate website are linked to up-to-date SmPCs and PILs on emc ensuring that your website is in complete alignment for its RSI audit requirements.

Ensuring that product information on a corporate website is up-to-date can be time a resource hungry task. Each time a regulated document is updated, Pharma companies need to update the information in multiple places. The responsibility may span several departments and information gets lost and corrupted. Keeping links updated, confirming copy is correct and undertaking scheduled reviews can be time consuming and costly. emc widget streamlines the process, removing many manual tasks that need to be carried out to keep corporate websites compliant.

emc widget embeds into the Pharma company corporate website providing instant access to their portfolio of SmPCs and Patient Leaflets and, as it is powered by emc, it will always be up-to-date. It is a simple plug in and forget solution for Pharmaceutical companies – with just one line of code.

Being highly customisable, emc widget integrates with any website design and styling. It is flexible and can be configured to provide the desired user journey through corporate websites for patients and healthcare professionals.

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