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eMC dm+d

emc dm+d solutions provide the fastest and easiest way to access, search and update the information within the NHS Dictionary of Medicines + Devices (dm+d) making your information available throughout the NHS.

What is the dm+d?

The dm+d is an interoperability standard (ISB 0052). It ensures that diverse clinical systems can effectively ‘talk’ to each other using a common coded language for the transfer of medicines information. dm+d provides this common language using identifying codes with associated written descriptions; effectively it is a dictionary of descriptions and codes which represent medicines and devices in use across the NHS.

Why is dm+d important to Pharma companies?

Health and care organisations, system suppliers and pharmaceutical companies must comply with the standard by 30th June 2017. It is important that Pharma ensure their medicines information is correct on the dm+d as included products are available for use throughout the NHS and are able to be part of prescription reimbursement; if products are not on the dm+d they cannot be prescribed or dispensed.

Our solutions

emc dm+d browser

The dm+d database is used to populate prescribing and dispensing systems across the UK and emc dm+d browser is the fastest and easiest way to search it online so that you can view and check all products, NHS pricing and reimbursement information.

emc in-demand

The only end-to-end digital solution for product, pack and price data entry and maintenance in the dm+d database. emc in-demand is the preferred and prioritised method for providing this information to the NHS. emc in-demand offers a fully traceable and auditable process in a secure and purpose built digital environment to make the process of dm+d data entry simple and efficient.

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